Mission Statement

The mission of this company is to provide a fast track service to our client allowing the project developer earlier access to their project and therefore earlier remuneration.


Introduction to Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures (formally Xsteel) is a revolutionary 3D modeling package for the modeling and detailing of steel and timber structures.
 Using Tekla Structures a designer creates full three dimensional model of the desired steel or timber structure, including all the relevant information necessary for manufacturing and construction.
 The model not only includes the structure's geometry and dimensions, but also all information about profiles and cross sections, joint types, materials, etc.
  All necessary drawings, reports and input data for NC tooling machines can be produced from the model. All design information is stored in the model database.
 Tekla Structures is an 'intelligent' software, based on object-oriented programming techniques.
 Human error has been minimized to such an extent that the model must fit on site, alleviating previously costly mistakes.

Tekla Structures is developed by a Finnish company called TEKLA Oy and is sold in Australia by Pacific Computing P/L.